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Child Abuse Prevention

Exchange provides a variety of public awareness materials, designed to help inform and increase awareness of child abuse and how it can be prevented. These are used in conjunction with Exchange Clubs and Exchange Club Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Centers.

Additionally, Exchange supports and engages in a number of annual activities designed to heighten awareness of child abuse and its consequences. Through participation in Child Abuse Prevention Month each April, Exchange Clubs across the country work with government agencies, local and national partners, and their communities to draw awareness about prevention of this social crisis. Specially-designed materials are made available at this time of year, including action-oriented Exchange Today articles, all intended to help Exchange Clubs, members, and communities work to prevent child abuse.


Disclaimer: Exchangites seek to prevent child maltreatment by providing informational resources to the public and by coordinating a network of community-based services for parents. We are not authorized to investigate allegations of abuse or neglect or to offer legal advice. If a child is in immediate danger, please call the police. If you suspect child abuse, contact your local child protective services department.

"Believe in the Blue"

How can you participate in April for observance of Child Abuse Prevention Month?

  • Volunteer at a child abuse prevention center

  • Wear blue for "Blue Mondays" to raise awareness

  • Ask City Council to issue a Child Abuse Prevention Month proclamation

  • Mentor a child

  • Start a Darkness 2 Light project

Local Child Abuse Prevention Centers

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